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Wolfblade's Cloverblade Mc17
Wolfblade's Cloverblade
Level: 17
Price: 24,480 Credits
Sellback: 2,448 Credits
Location: St. Patrick's Day Clover Weapons
Equip Slot: Front Arm
Damage: 36-50
Damage Type: Ballistic
Hits: 1 or 4
Energy: 26
Cooldown: 1
Bonuses: None
Special Effects: Increasing chance for a crit with every use. Starts with 30 and increases by 10 every use. The increasing crit chance also affects the 4 Hit attack.

(If the attack is 4 hits)

  • Increased damage for every Hit
  • Every Hit increases your LUK Stat temporary by +15.
Combos: None
This Wolfblade arm has been infused with Leprechaun magic! It uses credits for increasing critical damage and also has been known to increase the luck of it's bearer. WOLFBLADE ONLY! This weapons scales up to Level: 22


Wolfblade's Cloverblade

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