Tibattleonia (Mission)
Location: Dean Warlic's Office -> Warlic -> Tibattleonia
Chain: Shadowscythe Saga
Previous: Starship Parts
Next: Rescue!
Tibattleonia Sign
  • Objective: You are one step closer to finding Sys-Zero. It seems that the war may not be going as well as the Kingadent has announced! Tibattleonia was completely destroyed.
  • Requirements: Level 5
  • Release Date: 3/12/2008




Warlic: The town of Tibattleonia is just ahead. This was the last known location of the Soluna Defense Forces.
Warlic: Sys-Zero came here seeking military aid during the last Shadowscythe attack.
Warlic: Please search the town for any pertinent information.

Fight 2 Shadowscythe

Warlic: There is a huge Shadowscythe unit guarding the exit of this town. I have sent a repair truck to rendezvous with you.
Warlic: Proceed with caution. It appears that this unit is actually a giant alien creature which has been cybernetically altered by the Shadowscythe.

Fight Kaiju Scythe

Warlic: That Black Box you recovered contains a video log from just before we lost contact with the military stationed here.
Warlic: Let's watch this recording immediately!

Warlic: That does not bode well for us. It appears as if the entire military force stationed here was seized by the Shadowscythe.
Warlic: There is no sign of Sys-Zero either. The Shadowscythe force in the recording seemed to come from the nearby mountain range.
Warlic: I believe Sys-Zero may have gone there after stopping here.
Warlic: Hopefully we will find him soon. He is critical to the defense of Soluna City!

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