The Reset is an universal event initiated in the year 3010 which affected the planet of Loreon, where the city of Soluna was based. It was speculated to be of great importance, since it affected the planet for over 5,000 years. Unusually, other planets were mostly unaffected.

Main Changes made during The Reset Edit

  • Tibattleonia becomes the magical town of Battleon
  • Dean Warlic becomes the Archmage, a powerful magician who deals in the arcane.
  • The White Castle is very similar to the Swordhaven Castle, where King Alteon lives with his daughters.
  • Princess Robina becomes an archer and a (robotic) Captain Rhurbarb becomes a Human pirate. Prince Robert is nowhere to be found...
  • Archeologist Val, located in Soluna Museum, becomes both a Rogue and an exploring treasure hunter. In DragonFable, she is now known currently as Valencia Surehunter.
  • Mecha parts are scattered everywhere across the planet of Loreon and become artifacts of wonder. Some of the mechas still survive, as in the case of Ruins of Kordana, where a Battlemech was found
  • The planet Lycenum (possibly) turns into the forest of Darkovia
  • CEO Zorbak becomes a necromancer
  • The robot TWILLIE becomes a Moglin, as well as Master Twang (who becomes Twig) and Zorbak.
  • Vampire Queen Safiria completely changes her appearance and is now relocated on Lore, she is mostly found in the Darkovia forests battling against the Werewolf King Constantine.
  • Dragons now also co-exist on the planet of Lore after descending the hyper-space ladder.
  • Werewolves don't wear clothes and become more feral-looking.
  • The Player character loses memories of Soluna City, before becoming the Hero of Falconreach
  • Medieval weapons are readily abundant for all. 
  • Kathool Adepts from the Water Temple are travelling the oceans because of their Master
  • The Shadowscythe aliens are still around...


  • It was implied that The Reset was inevitable and was necessary to restart the whole Universe.
  • The Reset seems to be caused by some coffee spillage caused by the Player Character, which also caused a few major glitches in the same universe afterwards, even after five-thousand years... 
  • It is unknown if other nearby planets were also indirectly affected by the Player Character's mistake.