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Tek's Mechs is a mech shop located in Soluna City that is owned Tek and Scrap

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(Level 1-10)

(Level 11-20)

(Level 21-30)

(Level 31-40)

(Level 41-45)

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3009 New Years Weapons ShopEdit

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4th of July '08Edit

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Flavescent Friday Mecha ShopsEdit

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Note: All weapons in this shop are sold for 50% of the normal selling price.



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Soluna City Special ItemsEdit

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Star Captain Monthly MechaEdit

May 2009 Rare: Strider Mecha

June 2009 Rare: Warbear Mecha

July 2009 Rare: Aegis Mecha

August 2009 Rare: Reaper Mecha

September 2009 Rare: Mohawk Mecha

October 2009 Rare: BC ShadowWarrior Mecha

November 2009 Rare: Falcon Mecha

December 2009 Rare: Viking

January 2010 Rare: Automorph

February 2010 Rare: Psychic Wing

March 2010 Special Rare Edition: Lucky Blademaster

March 2010 Rare: Bladestorm

April 2010 Rare: Morehawk

May 2010 Rare: AC-490

July 2010 Rare: Master Blaster

August 2010 Rare: Cosmic Talon

September 2010 Rare: Steve Skysplitter

October 2010 Rare: Nemesis!

January 2011 Rare: Vanguard!

May 2011 Rare: Imbiber

June 2011 Rare: Mechatron

August 2011 Rare: Dharmahp

Starship NG RaresEdit

Starship RaresEdit

Talk Like A Pirate Day NG ShopsEdit

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Tek: Welcome to Tek's Mechs! Feel free to look around my shop. I'll install all new parts free of charge.


Tek: Hi <Character>, how has your Mecha been? Seems like just yesterday I was recalibrating its gyro on GEARS Shuttle.
Tek: This is my friend Scrap. I found her when salvaging some space mecha debris.
Scrap: Twk. Twk. I am pretty sure I am the token cute character designed to get ratings with the girls.
Tek: Sure are!
Scrap: Twk. Twk. Tek decided to keep me around because I alphabetized her secret giant robot Anime collection.
Tek: Ooooh.. did you hear about that new animated short that is going to premiere at the Theater?
Scrap: Twk. Twk. You bet! I hear J6 made it and it was animated like 'Artix vs. The Undead'. Tek: Hey <Character>, do you want to come see it with us when it premieres?
Scrap: Please come! It would be... Twk. Twk. So fun!


Scrap: Twk. Twk. Oh yeah... busted.
Tek: Yup, broken.

During Anniversary EventEdit

Tek: Have fun!
Scrap: Twk. Twk. hmmmm, I could go for a cookie... or some cake... mmmmmm