The Star Captain's Club is where the who's who of Soluna go after their big missions!

Missions AvailableEdit

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Braddock Steele Arcade ShopEdit

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1st floor: LoungeEdit

Capt. Arcadia: Wow! A new Star Captain arcade machine featuring Braddock Steele! Amazing!

Braddock Steele
Capt. Arcadia: Try out the latest Braddock Game! You will need a Star Captain License to access it!

Assault Mecha
Plays Assault Mecha Minigame

Buy Arcades
Capt. Arcadia: You can get Assault Mecha and other Arcade games for your starship! Do you have a starship?

  • Arcade Games - Opens Arcades Shop
  • Goto Starship! - Returns to your starship

Capt. Arcadia: EbilGames! Yeah that is my favorite minigame site too. I hear the Moglin that runs the site is also the CEO of EvilCorp.

Capt. Arcadia: Want to know some secret ID#s? (continues below)

Staff IDs: Artix is 3, Zhoom is 1, and Warlic sometimes plays under the name EvilJim (ID# 2).

2nd floor:Star Captain ArtilleryEdit

Dillan: Wow! Just look at all of this cool stuff! My student loans even cover this!

Add Slots
Dillan: Did you know that Star Captains can add mod slots to certain mecha models? Incredible!

3rd floor:Mission RoomEdit

Sys Zero: Welcome, Star Captain! Get ready for some challenging missions!

Sys Zero: Your starship will allow you to travel out into the stars. Other players will need to ask you for a ride too!


  • You can access to PvP by playing Assault Mecha (Talk to Capt. Arcadia located at 1st Floor)
  • You can access to Star Captain's Club Artillery/Mecha Shops (Talk to Dillan at 2nd Floor)
  • You can equip the Star Captain's Uniform and access to Extreme Challenges (Talk to Sys Zero located at 3rd Floor)