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Splendid Phoenix Spear
Phoenix Spear
Level: 41
Price: 49,200
Sellback: 4,920
Location: Smuggle Rewards Shop
Equip Slot: Back Arm
Damage: 69-73
Damage Type: Fire
Hits: 1
Energy: 62
Cooldown: 3
Bonuses: N/A
Special Effects: Chance for 2x HP DoT for 3 turns.

Chance for 2x EP DoT for 3 turns.

Combos: Increases the bonus of other Phoenix parts by 25.

When used with Phoenix Wing, DoT power increases & DoT length is refreshed.

This double sided spear improves the Bonus to Hit of other phoenix weapons in this set. Attacks may do a 2x HP and/or EP DoT - synergizes with Phoenix Wing to ignite more powerful Damage over Time.


Phoenix Spear

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