Soluna Police Department
Level Name Unlocked Roll Required to Advance
0 Civilian N/A
1 Crossing Guard Guard Hat 22
2 Hall Monitor 24
3 Neighborhood Watch 26
4 Rent-a-Cop 28
5 Rookie Police Hat 30
6 Traffic Officer 32
7 Meter Maid 34
8 Flatfoot CocoChip Hat 36
9 Police Officer Police Uniform 38
10 Patrolman (or Woman!) 40
11 Peace Bringer 42
12 Officer of the LOL Cop Shop 44
13 The Fuzz 46
14 Enforcer 48
15 COBRA 50
16 Inspector Sleuth Hat 52
17 Super Sleuth 54
18 Super Trooper 56
19 Gumshoe 58
20 Investigator 60
21 Detective Detective 62
22 Highway Patrol 64
23 Bobby 66
24 Mountie 68
25 State Trooper 70
26 Deputy 72
27 Undercover Policeman Undercover mission & SPD Mecha N/A
28 Sheriff Pie Surprise! N/A
29 SWAT Kerberos! N/A
30 Police Captain Wolfguy Jack N/A
31 Police Lieutenant Cain S. Lupus N/A
32 Police Chief The Impound N/A
Images of Soluna Police Department
Soluna Police Department
Soluna Police Department inside
Soluna Police Department cells

Soluna Police Department is located in Soluna City to the right of The Knife and Spork.

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Shops AvailableEdit

Cop ShopEdit

SPD MechaEdit

The ImpoundEdit

Requirements for Unlocking: Rank 31 of SPD

Items Available:





Before joining the force:
Chief Duncan: The crime wave is getting out of control! The city needs you.

After joining the force:
Chief Duncan: Welcome to the Soluna Police Department. How can I assist you, citizen?

  • Uniforms

Chief Duncan: It is important to wear your Police Uniform and hat. The uniform is a symbol of respect and authori-tye.

  • Talk

Chief Duncan: The Crime Wave is out of control. Reports of theft are being reported all over town at an alarming rate!
Chief Duncan: Worst of all, there seems to be no rhyme or reason on why these things are being stolen.
Chief Duncan: It is going to take some serious detective work to figure out this puzzle and we are already short handed here at the station.

Kripsy: Meow Meow Meow Meow....... Meow Meow Meow Meow.......

Worsh: ...nobody knows the trouble I've seen... Hey you! Do you have a spare fork?

Glortch: I was framed by my *friend* Bloghurl! Unfortunately, they found sauce all over my starship! Hey do you have a spare fork?

Kreme: Ahem. Excuse me. Do not think I am going to entertain your primitive notions of the complex space kitten language by meowing. WOOF!

Police NotepadEdit

Page 2:
Chief Duncan: Wolf hair? Do not tell me you believe all those werewolf rumors. Werewolves DO NOT exist!

Page 4:
Chief Duncan: Hmm, this must belong to the gang responsible for the Crime Wave!

Page 5:
Chief Duncan: Mmmmmm, pie! What would a biker gang want with pie tins though?

Page 6:
Chief Duncan: Empty boxes? I am not making a connection with these items. Can you find something else?
Chief Duncan: Oh, and before I forget. No more werewolf stories, please. I realize you must think it is funny - but everyone knows they DO NOT exist.

Page 8:
Chief Duncan: Chickencows, Biker gangs and random food products. We are on the verge of a breakthrough!

Page 9:
Chief Duncan: Hmmmm. Why would these criminals want a bunch of construction hats?

Page 10:
Chief Duncan: This is what we have been waiting for! <Character>, you need to check this place out right away.

Page 11:
Chief Duncan: Missing construction vehicles and equipment? Maybe you should go back to 1337 Falcon's Reach and look around again.

Page 12:
Chief Duncan: For the last time, there is NO SUCH THING as Werewolves. The real question is, why are they gathering all of these things?

Page 13:
Chief Duncan: A Lunar Capacitor? It may be expensive but the only thing that would be good for is harvesting some moon power.

Page 14:
Chief Duncan: HOLY FROGZARD DROPPINGS! This is huge... it all makes sense now. I think have this figured out.....
Chief Duncan: We are up against a Werewolf Biker Gang
! Chief Duncan: I know, I know. But do not be jealous little buddy. One day you will have detective skills just like me.
Chief Duncan: To prove it you will have to go dress up as a Werewolf and go deep undercover.... this will be a VERY special mission.

Page 15: Chief Duncan: Head over to the Knife and Spork and stop that pie shipment!

Page 16: Chief Duncan: Those Wolves are pretty mad that you stopped the pie shipment! They're attacking the base directly!