Newbatron V1
Level: 1
Price: 350 Credits
Sellback: 35 Credits
Location: Tek's Mechs Standard Mecha
HP: 100
EP: 50
EP Regen: 5
Resistances: None
The official GEARS University starter mecha.
Mecha Part 1
Name: Refurbished Machine Gun
Equip Slot: Front Arm
Damage: 5-9
Damage Type: Ballistic
Hits: 3
Energy: 6
Cooldown: 0
Bonuses: None
Special Effects: None
Combos: None
Description: They say everyone loves their first Mecha machine gun! But... they must not have had this one. It hits 3 times but is prone to jamming.
Mecha Part 2
Mecha Part 3
Mecha Part 4
Mecha Part 5
Mecha Part 6

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