Marvelous Phoenix Wing
Phoenix Wing back
Level: 13
Price: 15,600 Credits
Sellback: 1,560 Credits
Location: Decoy Rewards Shop
Equip Slot: Back Shoulder
Damage: 32-42
Damage Type: Fire
Hits: 1
Energy: 20
Cooldown: 1
Bonuses: None
Special Effects: 100% Chance of "Phoenix's Fire Guides Attacks!", Increases Bonus by 5 per use for 99 turns, FS and BS stack, caps at +50 Bonus

If a DOT from any of the Phoenix heads are present, increases it by 10% per use (so 1.5x goes to 1.6x for example), caps at +100%

Combos: Phoenix heads
Fan the flames with Phoenix Wings! Each use increases your Bonus to Hit by 5 (limited to +50 and buffs Phoenix DoT by 10% with each use (limited to +100%)


Phoenix Wing back