"No one will stand in our way!! Gyahahahahaha!!!"
Lord Valoth
Race: Shadowscythe
Gender: None
Affiliation: The Shadowscythe
Appears in: The Dragonoid Saga
Location: N/A

Lord Valoth is an ancient Shadowscythe that rules over his species and he that wants to take over the world of Loreon, the world where the main player lives.


Revealed in the Khaledron War, Lord Valoth was originally a captain of his race, which is unknown. Lord Valoth seems very powerful and has a mass army of Shadowscythe troops loyal to him. He corrupts the beings of the planet and turn them to the Shadowscythe side. He was a commander in the war against the dragons. He is the size of a mech. He made an alliance with Kingadent Slugwrath. He commanded the Shadowscythes in the war against Westion, and was able to destroy the planet, but not transform it into his headquarters as he planned. He created some dracolichoids, in order to defeat the powerful dragonoids engineered by the dragons.


  1. GEARS Games 2011
  2. Scrap Metal
  3. Khaeldron Prophecy Bossfight
  4. Rescue Xaria
  5. Fire War Bossfight - Pyras
  6. War on Westion - Fire War 2

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