Liberating Pitchfork Arquebus/Front
Freeing pitchfork
Level: 36
Price: 43,200 Credits
Sellback: 4,320 Credits
Location: Friday 13th Themed Weapons
Equip Slot: Front Shoulder
Damage: 62-70
Damage Type: None
Hits: 1
Energy: 54
Cooldown: 2
Bonuses: None
Special Effects: adds -15 bonus for 99 turns, stacks each use.

Increased damage each use.

Combos: If both Front and Back Shoulders are equipped, the Cooldown becomes 1.
Why use your hands to pitchfork your enemies?! Mount this baby on your shoulder and let the pwning begin! (Design by Balu) When both front and back shoulder versions are used, enemy bonus decreases.


Front Freeing Pitchfork Arquebus

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