Korin full body
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Affiliation: N/A
Appears in: Dragonoid Saga
Location: Planet 51

After being created from the destruction of Planet 51, Korin "saves" the Player's Character and makes you fight your way to being a Grand Champion in his Coliseum. On Planet Lagos, he appears at the end of the 'Saving Robina' chain, as a clickable parrot on top of the Pirate Captain shopkeeper's shoulder, after you defeat 20 waves. He also appears twice in the Arthurians vs Pirates War Finale: as a rubber duck he narrowly escapes Crow's Nook's destruction, and as a villager on Planet Arthuria before the battle with Constantine he cheers the return of Robina. Korin also appears at G.E.A.R.S. University in the Advanced Combat Theory class as a clickable student, once you have completed all 19 sessions.

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