The Houses act similar to the Clans from Artix Entertainments previous game AdventureQuest.

House WolfBladeEdit

The shining knight's blade, House Wolfblade holds GEARS warriors and heroes. Enter here and learn of our strength, our honor, and our love of battle. Its colors are dark red and a dark yellow. their mechs includes: wolfblade and advanced wolf

House RuneHawkEdit

The house of Runehawk is a refuge for science and magic alike. Through the culmination of mana and mecha studies, we continue our pursuit of unlocking ageless secrets! Its colors are light green and blue. Their mechs includes: runehawk and advanced hawk

House MystRavenEdit

As you enter the abyss of pranks and shenanigans, you notice a small black bird rise from the blackened fog. The House of MystRaven awaits. Its colors are violet and grey. Their mechs include: Mystraven and Advanced Raven