G.E.A.R.S. University

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G.E.A.R.S. University is a university where mecha pilots are enrolled in order to better their skills and to become master pilots. It is the best place in the Universe to learn Mecha combat, home economics, and underwater basket weaving! Players must first take the entrance exam before becoming a student in G.E.A.R.S. University.Starbuck was the first that passed the test, and became Prof. Denara's Assistant. Once enrolled the player can attend many different classes. Warlic is the Dean of the University. Their is also a giant spider you can fight at the university entrance to the right.

GEARS exterior

The Exterior

Floor 1 LobbyEdit

  • Denara
  • Other NPC characters

Floor 2 ClassesEdit

Energy Blade 101Edit

Taught by Master Tsuba, Energy Blade dueling, is in Class A

Mech Combat 101Edit

Taught by Prof. Aleysia , mecha fighting class, is in Class B and is 2 Semesters

Mecha Piloting 101Edit

Taught by Denara, trains stats, is in Class C

Advanced Combat TheoryEdit

Taught by Anastasia, mecha fighting (introducing enemies that affect stats) in Class D.

Floor 3 HousesEdit


  • Hosted by Jaania, the house for people who are Obsessed with knowledge.
  • Artifact : Drakylon Cube



Floor 4 DormsEdit

At the Dorm Room you save the current outfit that that your character is wearing.

Floor 5 Dean's OfficeEdit