Crystal Explosion/Back
Crystal Explosion back
Level: 1
Price: 0 Credits
Sellback: 0 Credits
Location: SC Gifts / Opened from Gift Box 3012 on January 1st, 2013
Equip Slot: Back Arm
Damage: (Scales)
Damage Type: Laser
Hits: 3
Energy: (Scales)
Cooldown: 3
Bonuses: None
Special Effects: Buffs Crystal Laser's damage by +15% per use, caps at 150%
  • Bonus buff of +15 Bonus per use, caps at 200 Bonus
  • 1.5x EP DoT, lasts until end of fight (Only one arm's DoT is applied)
  • Buffs Crystal Laser's HP DoT by +40% per use, caps at 320%
  • Chance for crit
Combos: When all weapons in the 2012 SC Gift set are equipped, each weapon has chance for lowering enemy's Immobility Resistance by 50 for 1 turn and a stun attempt.
Fire a detonating crystal into your enemy causing an explosion increasing your accuracy and shoulder damage! Levels with you to: 50


Crystal Explosion back arm