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Caster Blaster
Caster Blaster
Level: 11
Price: 3,630 Credits
Sellback: 363 Credits
Location: Missing Note Rewards
Damage: 29-39
Damage Type: Laser
Hits: 1
Energy: 17
Cooldown: 3
Bonuses: N/A
Special Effects: Caster Blaster Deals more Damage with Each use, Last 99 Turns

Chance for "Caster Head Guides Your Attacks! +40 Bonus", +40 Bonus for 4 turns

Chance for "Caster Head Deflecs Enemy Attacks", +30 Defense for 4 turns

"EbilCorp Enemy Detected!", Does Extra Damage against Ebilcorp Mechs

Combos: N/A
Head buffs its damage output per use. May also increase ability to hit, and/or add to defenses, and/or do a Critical Hit. Sensor deals extra damage to EbilCorp types.


Sorcerous Caster Blaster

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