Cain S. Lupus
Cain S Lupus
Race: Lycan
Gender: None
Affiliation: Howl's Angel's
Appears in: Soluna Police Department Missions
Location: Go Undercover!, Chief Duncan (Mogloween '10)

Cain S. Lupus is the leader of the Soluna werewolves. He planned to transform everyone in Soluna City into werewolves, but his plans were foiled.

Recommended Methods of victoryEdit

Level 6 Wolfblade
Back Arm : Lava Blaster Lv 10 Dmg 25-29 Fire Energy 20 Cooldown 4
Front Arm :Proton Rifle Lv 10 Dmg 24-30 Laser Energy 20 Cooldown 2
Back Shoulder :Sling Missile Lv 8 Dmg 21-25 Ballistic Energy 15 Cooldown 3
Front Shoulder :Plasma Pulsar Lv 10 Dmg 28-35 Explosive Energy 20 Cooldown 4
Head :Missile Mouth Lv 6 Dmg 15-19 Laser Energy 15 Cooldown 5

Use the Proton Rifle, then use the Plasma Pulsar, then use the Lava Blaster, then use the Proton Rifle, then use the Sling Missile, then use the Missile Mouth, then use the Proton Rifle or the Plasma Pulsar to finish Cain S. Lupus.

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